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40+ Sexy Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Black hair with brown highlights can be very beautiful. Whether you prefer dark brown highlights, lowlights, full or partial brown hair with black highlights, those styles are an excellent place to begin before you head to the salon. If you have naturally darker hair and would like to deepen it without a lot of work, try a deep brown hairstyle using crimped ends to add interest to the top of your hair. If you would like to use black hair with light brown highlights to add some color to your hair but you don’t have wavy roots, you may want to try a flat top that will smooth your style.

black hair with brown highlights

You Should Try Balayage

If you have brown highlights in your tresses, using a textured balayage style may be exactly what you need to add definition to your hair. This look consists of a topknot with grayish highlights that drape over your shoulders. To create this look, choose a styling aid with wide jaws for added versatility and a round bottom that will create black hair with highlights.

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Is it Hard to Get Black Hair with Brown Highlights?

Black hair with brown highlights can be quite tricky. Especially when you have dark hair and the roots are dark as well. However, by following some simple steps, you will be well on your way to creating these beautiful highlights. Whether you’d like more highlights or just a few random ones, the first step is finding a good stylist. You need to find one who knows how to work with black hair. Ask your friends for recommendations and if possible, try to find a professional in your area. It is the best way if you have some money to afford it.

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Short Black Hair for Highlights

When it comes to short black hair, brown highlights are incredibly easy to pull off. Just mix things up! Short hair can easily be made darker by dyeing it black and then curling it into a small bun or plaiting it into three sections with a curling iron (make sure to set the iron on the lowest setting). Next, take some darker-colored hairspray and apply it to the ends of your short hairstyle for a smoky look. It would be amazing!

short black hair with brown highlights

Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to coloring black hair, it’s important to remember that the best colors match your natural skin tones the best. The same cannot be said for lighter skin tones, which can be darkened to black just to get the right effect. It is best to try a couple of color combinations on different hairs to find the one that works the best for you. If you’re looking for something more personalized or unique, you can always get a stylist to come in and color your hair for you.

Choosing the Shape of Your Brown Highlights

Now you want to choose the shape of your brown highlights. Depending on what type of shape your hair is, the style of your bangs will also vary. Usually, when black hair with brown highlights is worn in layers, the layers start near the crown of the head closest to the forehead and gradually go down towards the nape of the neck. The best bang styles for black hair with brown highlights are a thinning hairline with a sharp edge, a fringe that sweeps into a loop at the top of the jaw, or a combination of the two.


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