Blonde hairstyles are the most popular hairstyles for years. Ever wondered about attempting a blonde appearance with your brunette hair? If you have not then it is time you did. The current fashion industry has experienced such a big change and wide vibe in terms of hairstyle and color, and so these are fresh short blonde hair and long blonde hair designs adding to the overall vibe. They are very simple to maintain and are extremely charming as well.

There are different hair colors that would look good on different face types; however, brunettes seem to have an easier time achieving the desired look. For those who have round faces, this is the perfect medium blonde hairstyle for you. It adds to that gorgeous look that everyone longs for and makes your looks more glamorous. If you have longer and slimmer faces, go for the medium blonde haircut because it looks best on you, giving you the best possible medium blonde hairstyle for your particular face shape.

Women with oval faces will look very good with the medium blonde hairstyle. This can be easily maintained and combed and does not take much time and effort. You can also use your fingers to frame your hair or leave your hair free-flowing in the front. Blonde medium hairstyles for women can be very versatile and effective at the same time.