40+ Burgundy Hair with Highlights

Burgundy Hair with Highlights is the answer to those who are dying their hair red or blonde but want highlights that will stand out. In this rich red-violet, burgundy color, the rich tones actually become more vibrant in natural light. The color itself is rich and dramatic, but when viewed from the natural light, it literally “pops!” instantly!

burgundy hair with highlights

The key to having this rich burgundy hair with highlights is understanding how to apply them and where. When done properly, they can enhance all your hair lengths and colors and even be used to add character to “fuzzy” curls. If you have short hair, you will want to create a large focal point by using two to three different tones, going with the darker one at the roots and the lighter one at the tips. To make the smaller curls look fuller, use just the darker tone at the roots and a braid at the tips. To get a more natural look, keep longer curls natural and keep the shorter curls natural.

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To create these rich burgundy shades, weave your natural hair into your highlights. Short layers are easier to work in and often make the cuticle softer and add a little more bounce to your style. Longer hair, on the other hand, can be harder to work in for these hair cuts because they tend to curl a lot and create large highlights. For these long hair cuts, weave a smaller portion of the hair into your highlights before starting your style. If you want to have burgundy hair with caramel highlights, you should read this article:

50 Shades of Burgundy Hair Color for 2021

burgundy hair designs

Short Burgundy Hair

When you use short burgundy hair, it is especially important to work the hair into natural waves. To do this, blow dry your hair until damp and then blow past the root of the waves. You should not have to do this on a daily basis, but it does need to happen on occasion. The goal of these waves is to create soft sexy curls without having the frizz that comes from blow-drying and using short hair. This versatile color looks great on straight, wavy, curly, or curly hair. To get the best look, make sure to complete your outfit with burgundy jewelry, shoes, make-up, and glasses for the perfect look.

Curly Burgundy Hair

Curly burgundy hair with highlights is a combination that looks fantastic when put together. If you have been longing for some frizz-free and shiny curls, then this hair styling idea is just right for you! When you pair the gorgeous deep color of burgundy with the smoothness of silvery highlights, you get a look that women around the world have been trying to recreate for years. Whether your hair is short or long, with bangs or not, with a little bit of practice you can master creating these soft romantic curls that sparkle like pearls. Follow the simple steps below to create these soft yet stunning curls.

burgundy hair styles

Completing the Style

To complete the burgundy hair with highlights, you should pick a rich red color for your hair to match the richness of the burgundy. Look online or in a beauty salon for the best color match. This color should contrast with the rest of your face so it doesn’t become an overwhelming color. You can also use an eye pencil or eye shadow in this color to round out the look of the rich shade of red. Red lipstick is also a great idea to complete the look.

These hairstyles are a great option for those who want to create strong vibrant looks with short, bouncy, sexy curls. They can also be worn to create a more sultry layered look. You can even create these sleek short buns into long loose locks by getting your dark brown hair highlights added in. This will give you the look of thick black hair with sexy curls. Remember to use the right products for your hair to protect it from damage and to keep it smooth and shiny. Use the right hairstyle highlighting products and you’ll have gorgeous-looking, luscious black hair!

burgundy hair highlights designs
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