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40 Best Curly Hair with Bangs Hairstyles for 2021

Curly hair with bangs is one of the most popular hairstyles in 2021. When you think of curls, the first thing that probably comes to mind is curls of long hair. The problem is that it takes a lot of work to keep your hair from getting frizzy, unruly, and unmanageable. Many women with curly hair have tried everything: curling irons, blow dryers, hair care products, even straightening irons with very poor results. If you want to give yourself a smooth, shiny appearance, you’re going to need curly good looks for your bangs. Whether you have short or long hair, you can still get an amazing and stylish look with the right tools, products, and styling techniques. Here are some photos of curly hair with bangs for 2021:

curly hair with bangs

Long Bangs

As a general rule, those with naturally curly hair usually look best with medium to long bangs; however, you can adjust to any length by altering the layers of your updo. If your layers aren’t staying in place, pull your layers back a little bit, add some waves to your bangs, or create a wispy fringe. For a slightly altered appearance, wispy fringe, or a sleek one side of your hair at the front, slowly tape or glue your hair in place. For the most glamorous, pull your layers back completely and sweep them to one side. Your ponytail will be instantly glamorous, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your natural curl.

bangs curly hairstyles


Using the Right Products

Curly hairs look great with the right products, techniques, and tools. A simple wet curl-dry straightening treatment is a great way to achieve the sleek look of long layers without the frizz. Using your airbrush machine, spray your hair with hairspray or gel before applying your curl-defining product, and comb your hair as normal until your desired look is achieved. Avoid straightening your hair by blow-drying it or using a flat iron, as both of these techniques will increase the volume of frizz. Once your hair is straightened, use a low-poo, low-fuss hair serum for added protection and apply a shine primer before priming your hair.

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curly hairs with bangs

Try to Put Your Hair in a Bun

Curly hair with bangs that don’t lay straight down is typically best set up with clips or some sort of a bun. This will allow you to take them down if you want to, without having to worry about your bangs laying all over the place. This is the best option if you have extremely fine hair, or if you tend to straighten your hair down. It is best to try these tips out at home, and see which is best for your individual tastes. Head stylists can usually give you some good ideas of what will work, as well as give you a recommendation for a high-quality hair product. Always make sure to pick a quality product that does not contain chemicals, otherwise, your hair might get damaged while still being in the style!

curly hairstyles bangs

Curly Hair with Bangs Styles

Another way to make curly hair with bangs work for you is to find a hairstyle that compliments your natural curls. Cropped bangs tend to look great on everyone, but you can choose a different style than what most women do: straight hair pulled back into a tight ponytail or curly bangs that lie close to the scalp but fall a little below the eyes. This is another way that you can use heat styling tools to make this hairstyle work for you. If you have very long hair, you might want to consider adding a little bit of a crimp to the end of your ponytail before putting it in the style. This will pull the hair up and off your scalp, and give it somebody.

short hair with bangs

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