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42+ Sexy Curly Pixie Cut Ideas

Curly pixie cut will never go out of fashion. In fact, many stylists recommend short curly pixie cut for women who want a stylish and sophisticated look. And, since many celebrities are sporting this trendy look, it’s easy to find a good stylist who provides this style. If you’re not sure which short curly pixie cut 2021 is best for you, keep reading to find out. This is actually one of the trendiest hairstyles to try whether you have short or long hair. Additionally, many women like to get a short curly pixie cut, which is not just because short curly hairstyles are very easy to manage but because short curly haircuts are also quite popular this year.


If you have long hair, getting a shorter cut will not work since your hair will look too flat. However, if you don’t have long hair yet and would like to have a short curly pixie hairstyle, then you might consider getting side-swept bangs instead. Side-swept bangs are very popular now and they look fantastic on a woman with short hair. If you have long hair, then going for the longer cut with side-swept bangs will look nice and natural. If your hair isn’t that long, then you can also try getting your hair down to your shoulders and putting a scarf over it.

curly pixie cut hairstyles

Is Curly Pixie Cut Harmful for Hairs?

Women who have naturally curly or wavy hair can opt for a feminine curly pixie cut which is created using layers. This piece-y cut has layers starting from the bottom of your head, which reach your shoulders. Then, the front part of the hair goes down to your waist, while the back part goes up to your chin. A curly piece-y cut will look amazing on women with straight hair as well. However, if you have curly hair, then a curly pixie haircut will look great on you. It’s also very easy to maintain this kind of cut, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining it.


Which Face Shapes is Best for Curly Pixie Cut?

Women with round faces usually look good in long bangs because their hair will look much more volume when it’s cut in a short style. Women with round faces should opt for a short curly pixie cut with bangs. This kind of cut is simple to maintain and is suitable for any kind of face, including oval faces. The beauty of this haircut is that you can easily wear it with any kind of outfit.

Which Pixie Cuts Will Suit My Face Shape?

Women with oval faces are the perfect candidates for the short natural curly pixie cut. If you have long bangs and a little bit of hair left on your chin, then this cut will accentuate your face and add some length. The longer bangs and longer hair on your chin will make you look slimmer and will add some height. There are many different variations of a pixie haircut, and you will surely be able to find one that looks perfect on you.

For those who have thin hair, the pixie cut is great as well. Since most women with thin hair cut their hair short, the curly type will work great for you. You can either leave the layers a little longer, or you can simply tuck the layers underneath and let the front portion of your hair flow down over the curly layers. Since this style is cute and fun, many women with thin and curly hair choose to wear this style regularly.

1. Elegant Pixie Cut

Short pixie hair cut
instagram: @pri_color

2. Glowing Short Hair Pixie Cut

glowing pixie haircut
instagram: @hairbyjoanna7

3. Golden Folds

very short golden braids
instagram: @justlikejackies

4. Masculine Pixie

masculine pixie hair cut
instagram: @_lovers.content.creators

5. Mature Pixie Cut

pixie cut for mature women
instagram: @thais.marie

6. Pixie Cut Transformation

pixie short hair cut transformation
instagram: @katrisharose

7. Pixie Cut with Bang

Pixie Cut with Short Bang
instagram: @barberiasdelmundo

8. Pixie with Long Bang

Pixie Cut with Long Bang
instagram: @kit_mcelroy

9. Platinum Blue Curly Pixie Cut

Platinum Blue Curly Hair
instagram: @curlfrann

10. Plump and Stylish

Black short hair cut for women
instagram: @snehasood

11. Silken Simplicity

A black girl with short pixie haircut
instagram: @curly_bookworm

12. Voluptuous and Feminine

A girl with short voluminous hair with bang
instagram: @foxhairdesigns

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