35+ Pastel Hair Colors for 2021

Pastel hair colors are one of the most demanded hair colors of all time. When it comes to choosing hair pastel colors, the decision can be extremely difficult, especially for those who have never experienced them before. However, pastel hair color ideas are not only a great option for those with very light hair but also an excellent choice for those with dark hair or even brown hair. And, of course, those who have tints or darker hair colors heretofore would like to stick with pastel hair colors. But what if you need to make a change? Read on to find out what the procedure of going pastel involves, and unique pastel hair color tips for each skin type.

pastel color hair designs

The first step is to decide whether you want your hair to be a basic white, ivory, or even bright pink. If you wish to go with the latter two options, then you will need to choose pastel hair colors for pale skin that are a shade or two lighter than your natural skin color. This way, your complexion will appear vibrant and your highlights will pop. However, if you desire to retain your natural coloring, then this option may not work well for you. Also, if you wish to lighten your hue, but do not want it to be completely gone, then this also might not work for you, since lighter hues tend to end up lighter on the crown of your head.

pastel hair color styles
hair pastel color designs

Next, you need to think about your skin tone and which pastel hair colors best complement your complexion. For instance, if you have dark skin, then you will probably want to choose pastel hair colors for dark skin that are closely similar to your natural complexion. If you have dark skin, on the other hand, pastels that are slightly richer in color will be a good choice. You should take into consideration your skin tone and the shades that will help to accentuate your natural beauty the most, and not hide your flaws.

Lightening is another option you have with pastel hair colors, depending on how much light you are trying to achieve. There are times when this will work, and there are times when it will not. When trying to decide how light or dark you want your hair to be, think about what you want your complexion to look like. If you wish for it to be lighter and more translucent, then you will need to select pastel hair colors that have a much whiter base color. However, if you would prefer your color to be darker and add more of a blond or white tinge, then you will want to select pastels that are darker in shade but that have more of a blue or green base color.

Are Pastel Hair Colors Harmful to Your Hair?

Pastel colors have always had more of a natural appeal to people who enjoy the nuances and subdued tones they bring. Now, as we move toward a more “techno” looking lifestyle, we are constantly trying to recreate the same appeal in our hair as we did when we were still living in small village communities. Unfortunately, pastel colors may be causing some significant damage to our hair. You need to dye your hair as carefully as possible.

Which Pastel Shade Should I Choose?

Pinkish shades are a great choice for a good hair day. These pastel hair colors are popular among women who want their complexion to look vibrant and are not afraid of bright colors. To achieve the proper level of pinkish shade, you need to find shades that are deeper in pinkish tones or a base color that is very close to one-half of a shade that is in pink. By having a base color that is close to one of the deep pastel shades, it makes the pinkish tones of the tones much easier to pull off. This also ensures that your hair can have the same depth to it as your eyes. By the way, lavender pastel hair is one of the most popular pastel hairstyles.

When you go to a salon to get your hair dyed, you should make sure that you do all the research that you can on the shade that you want. It is always a good idea to discuss with the colorist what shade you would prefer for your hair and how that shade will affect your complexion and style. It is also a good idea to do some research on the different pastel hair colors that are available so you can get an idea of the different shades that can bring out the aspects of your complexion that you wish. The right pastel hair dye colors can really make a difference. Even if you cannot afford them now, remember that they will eventually become much more affordable as the years go by

1. Asymmetrical Light Pink Hair

Asymmetrical Light Pink Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

2. Lavender Long Wavy Hair

Lavender Long Wavy Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

3. Layered Wavy Powder Pink

Layered Wavy Pink Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

4. Magenta with Platinum Highlights

Magenta Colored Hair with Platinum Highlights
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

5. Ocean Blue Hair

Ocean Blue Hairstyle
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

6. Pastel Platinum with Green Highlights

Pastel Platinum Hair with Green Highlights
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

7. Pastel Toned Front Streaks

Pastel Toned Hairstyle
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

8. Rainbow Choppy Layers

Rainbow Choppy Layers Hair Design
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

9. Rainbow Pastel

Pastel Colors Hairstyle
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

10. Sapphire Blue Hair

Long Wavy Blue Colored Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

11. Straight Thin Hair with Centered Magenta

Straight Thin Hair with Centered Magenta
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

12. Vampire Red Hair

Long Wavy Dark Red Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

13. Violet Wavy Hairs

Violet Colored Wavy Long Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

14. Voluminous layered red hair

Voluminous Long Red Hair
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

15. Wavy Hair with Purple Tipped

Blonde Wavy Hair with Purple Tipped
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada

16. Wavy Shades of Purple with Green Bangs

hair in various shades of pastel
Instagram: @pulpriotcanada
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