45+ Sexy Pixie Cut with Bangs Hair Ideas for 2021

Pixie cut with bangs can be an extremely fashionable style for any woman. It is sleek, modern, and always in style. Women can wear short hair with bangs to work, to the club, or even to a picnic with friends. There are many benefits to styling your hair this way.

What Face Types Look Good With Pixie Cut?

There are a lot of face shapes that are cute for the pixie cut, so if you are looking to wear this style, here are a few ideas to help you along. Cute face shapes include: Adorning faces with wide eyes, featuring lips that are a bit hooked (think Paris Hilton), round, oval, and heart-shaped. Pixie with bangs are great on almost every face shape, but depending on which cut you go with, there are specific aspects of this haircut that work better with certain face shapes.

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Our favorite haircut is the short haircut long bangs design because it frames the eyes beautifully and draws attention to the cheekbones, chins, and neck. Pair it with cute jewelry like gemstone earrings, a small purse, and a classic ponytail for that sophisticated look that is truly elegant! If you have curly hairs, then you may want to see curly pixie cut hair designs.

So what kind of styles are the most effective when wearing short hair with bangs? Probably the simplest and yet still very effective style is simply a side-parted bob. Bobs with side-parted strips can give almost any look effortlessly chic and polished. This is due to the effect it has on the face. It draws focus away from the eyes to either side where you want a more casual look, which is great if you are going somewhere with friends, or going out to dinner.

5 Most Flattering Bangs for Your Face Shape

Advanced Tips for Pixie Cut

If you have long hair, consider adding a few short layers. This way, you can wear your hair longer and still keep it stylish and pretty much in place. For a super long pixie cut with bangs that look gorgeous, bring it up at the crown with a pretty hairpin and some pinned back curls (for a more modern touch), and wear your hair down over your shoulder or to the floor with a bun or boho headband. If you’re not crazy about the long length, try out the pixie cut with long bangs on top of pretty much any short layer.

Pixie Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

A well-chosen haircut with side bangs creates the perfect balance for thick hair types. This styling elongates the hair from the roots to the tip for fullness. Side bangs are also less layered than the center-parted bangs to maintain their natural shape on the side. A pixie cut with bangs for thick hair is ideal if the bangs are further amped up with added texture. For instance, using gel eyeliner along with glitter mascara along with a shimmery lip gloss can bring out the pixie shape.

pixie cut with bangs
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