Red hair for women would be the one that has a natural red glow, is not too dull, and has a natural flow to it. Dark roots are very important if you want to achieve that red hair tone. A dark root means a red color that is closer to brunette, but that still has very good coloring capabilities. You should avoid roots with reddish-brown tones because these have the tendency to turn red after some time. Also, avoid roots with blue-green or grey shades because these tend to make hair turn blonde.

If you have naturally red hair then using color or dying can change your appearance drastically and give you a completely different look. You could even get a new personality because your hair is definitely a personality in itself. Just a few changes can give you quite a bit of difference. Most women with red hair for women go for the hot pink color but if your roots are reddish-brown you could go for the hot pink, dark roots in the front, and medium-deep roots at the back.

For red hair for women, there are many different styles you can try. One popular way is to dye your hair red, but you should keep in mind that once you dye your roots they will turn red as well. So unless you want to spend all your time in the salon getting the color of your red highlights treated, you may want to consider going for a fade with a lighter shade. There are also many different red hair dyes to choose from. You can go with hot pink, red-violet, dark red, pinks, and even purples.