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37 Cute Red Hair with Blonde Highlights, Hair Ideas for Winter

If you love the color red, you might consider going for red hair with blonde highlights. These beautiful shades are often a contrast to the red that usually dominates your hair color. You can choose a light or dark shade of red, from copper tones to a fire engine. The highlights are also a different shade of blonde. You can achieve these looks at home using a kit that comes in several different colors. You can also go for a more drastic change, such as adding platinum blonde highlights.

red hair with blonde highlights

Highlight Tips for Red Hair

If you have red hair, you should consider mixing two shades of red. This combination adds dimension to your hair color. It can either be all red or you can add platinum blonde highlights to your hair. A bold contrast will give your hair a more polished look. The highlights should be applied on the front and the back of the hair, but not on the sides. If you have read locks, you can try this combination on your tresses as well.

Hottest Hair Highlights Ideas

Fire Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Fire Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you have dark hair, you can always choose fire red hair with blonde highlights. The shades can blend very well. These colors compliment each other and create a stunning look. When you choose a hairstyle with blonde highlights, make sure the stylist frames the strands with the colors that match your skin tone and face shape. If you have darker hair, start with a couple of shades lighter than your natural color. You can always add more blonde to your tresses later.

Another popular combination is red and blonde. You can achieve both with both types of highlights. The combination of the two provides a beautiful mix of red and blonde that works with all skin tones. This look is ideal for people who want a pop of red without looking too dramatic. A bright red color looks great on Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone, while a dark strawberry shade will look great on you. You can even use darker copper foliage for the ultimate effect.

If you have deep red hair, you can choose to go for strawberry blonde highlights. These will make your hair look vibrant. If you prefer to go for a bolder look, you can choose a blonde color with darker roots. If you want to achieve a natural-looking red hue, a mixture of both red and blonde highlights is the best choice. You can even try a mix of both types. But you should make sure you are choosing the right one for your hair.

Natural Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Natural Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you want to try natural red hair with blonde highlights, you should use a subtle red tone. If you want to go completely bold, go for the darker shades. A strawberry blonde with dark hair is also a perfect option. But if you’re afraid to go bold and go for a more subtle shade, you can choose a red and blonde mix. You can choose a combination of red and blonde tones to make your look pop.

You can also go for a combination of red and blonde highlights. The red tones are subtle at the roots and fade to a golden blonde at the ends. The contrast is soft, but it will make you look more feminine and sophisticated. While the color of your hair is important, it should be complemented by the color of your eyes. A strawberry blonde with dark shades of red will look good on you. They will look great together.

You can Add a Classy Look to Your Red Hair

Red hair with blonde highlights is a great option for people who want to make a dramatic change to their hair. The combination of these two shades is beautiful and can update your look with ease. The highlights will help you to stand out from the crowd. You can even make your own highlights if you want to avoid using professional products. There are several ways to create a red hairstyle with blonde highlights. You can do it yourself at home!

For the perfect blend of red and blonde highlights, choose a darker base color. A darker red base will make it appear more natural and more modern. In addition, a blonde base will create a better contrast with red highlights. To avoid overdrying your hair, use various shades of blonde. You may also opt for an ombre look that uses the two shades in the same look. The result will be a stunning contrast between red and blonde hair.

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