34+ Best Underneath Hair Color Ideas

Underneath hair dye is one of the most popular hairstyles in 2021. We will be sharing under hair dye designs you should definitely see. Are you wondering how do you dye underneath hair color? If you answered “yes” to that question, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you some important tips and advice on how to naturally dye your under hair without using any products to achieve the effects. Keep in mind that this process will take some time, especially if you have dyed your hair multiple times already. So don’t expect immediate results, it will take a little while but with patience and consistency, you will eventually see the results you want.

underneath hair color ideas

Before I go any further, let me give you a simple explanation of what you should be doing for your two tone hair. You want to start by washing your hair with a mild shampoo to prepare dyed hair underneath. Then get some big pot of the desired color and add a half cup of water. Now, get some of your highlights or areas of underlayer hair color and add them to your pot. Now, add some rubbing alcohol and mix it well with your water to remove any excess color.

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The reason why we’re doing this is so that you won’t end up with a browned look because of excessive bleach. After you have everything wet, spray your hair with some grummel. Grummel will give you some time to soak your highlights without them fading as quickly as possible. Now it’s time to add your two-toned shades of hair color to get your hair dyed underneath.

Now you want to start at the bottom of your head and work your way up, using the dark hair dye. Grab some of your undercoat hair and dip it into the grummel. Next, grab a comb and start brushing your highlights against the comb, while trying to keep all the grummel on the roots. It’s very important that you don’t leave it on for too long, since it can stain your natural hair. A quick tip: black hair with white underneath and blonde hair with black underneath are the most popular half dyed hair styles for 2021.

When you are done brushing, it’s time to get your bronzers. Start by getting some of your lighter colors, like the silver, gold, and brown bronzers. Brush these bronzers along the hair strands until the color is fully blended in. This is how you get the lighter color highlights on your strands and how you get your underlayer hair dye.

You now have some simple steps to creating blonde highlights on your strands. There are a lot of other ways to create the two-tone hair color, but they take more time to color, thus are much more expensive. So if you don’t want to spend that much, then this is the easiest way for you. If you want to create those beautiful blonde highlights, then you will definitely need more than this guide to create them.

What is Peekaboo Hair?

If you’re looking for a new look, but you’re not sure which style will look best on you or which salon to go to, you should definitely consider what is Peekaboo Hair. Peekaboo hair gives you a unique look with hidden highlights. Peekaboo highlights are hidden dyed hair under your main hair.

Is Dying Hair Harmful?

Dyeing hair chemically changes the hair and its composition, giving you a change that lasts longer than ordinary salon treatments. However, is coloring your hair really that dangerous? Actually, the answer to this question is up to you. If you are an expert at dyeing hair or go to a hair salon that has professional hairstylists, it would almost no harm to your hair.

1. Silver Under Hair Dye

silver under hair dye
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

2. Unicorn Underneath Hair

colorful dyed hair underneath
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

3. Pastel Blue

pastel blue dyed underneath
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

4. Vibrant Blue Two Tone Hair

half blue half black hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

5. Half Blonde Hair with Bangs

wavy layered half blonde hair
Instagram: @erinlunaaa

6. Hidden Icy Blonde Dyed Hair

icy blonde dyed under hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

7. Lavender Dyed Underneath Hair

lavender dyed underneath hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

8. Neon Green Underlayer Hair

half neon green hair dyed
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

9. Cool Gray Two Toned Hair

long half cool gray wavy hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

10. Blonde and Brown

icy blonde and brown underlayer hair
Instagram: @erinlunaaa

11. Soft Pink

soft pink dyed underneath hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

12. Wildfire Red

underlayer red hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

13. Ultra Blue Underlayer Hair Color

pastel blue under hair dye
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

14. Soft Gray Dyed Hair Underneath

medium two tone hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

15. Short Two Toned Hair with Curls

short two toned hair with curls
Instagram: @erinlunaaa

16. Night Blue

half blue half black long hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

17. Atomic Turquoise

bottom half turquoise dyed hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

18. Lilac Dyed Hidden Straight Hair

lilac and black two toned hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

19. Neon Blue Dream

neon blue and black two tone hair
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

20. Half Blonde Half Black

two tone hair with curls
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

21. Syringa Leaves

lilac hidden hair color
Instagram: @kevinhairsalon

22. Half Silver Under Hair Dye

half silver under hair dye
Instagram: @erinlunaaa
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